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  • Hello Chambers Hill Families,

    Our fundraiser, Race for Education, is on Friday, October 21. 

    Thank you to everyone who had contributed money for our school to purchase Chromebooks. We are excited to have the opportunity for more technology in the school. There is also a special thank you to our volunteers for stapling, labeling, writing and folding mailers.  We could not have done this without any of you.

    On that day, you are invited to come to watch the race.

    Students will be “racing” in a path around the school and stopping at various stations to do activities such as jump rope, hopscotch, jumping jacks and a dance party. 

    Race times are as follows:

    Grades K (am) and 1 - 9:30-10:30

    Grades 2-3 - 12:30-1:30

    Grades K (pm), 4-5 - 1:45-2:45

     If you would like to volunteer for this event (with clearances), please email Mrs. Lind  Any and all help is appreciated.

    Hope you can join us for this fun day. 

    Chambers Hill Race Committee


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  • New Car Pick-Up Procedure



    The link above has a map of the new traffic pattern for the Car Pick-up Procedure at Chambers Hill ES.

    Notice how you enter at the entrance by the Fire House and loop around at the dock to pick up

    your child in front of the school.

    Display your number on your windshield. It matches the one your child has.

    Staff will send your child to your car.

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    The Chambers Hill Elementary School faculty and staff focus on creating a bright future of success for all students.  We provide our students opportunities to become life-long learners focusing on the "Three R's"

    Rigor - Students develop a thorough, in-depth mastery of challenging tasks to develop cognitive skills through reflective thought, analysis, problem solving, evaluation, or creativity.

    Relevance - Students apply core knowledge, concepts, or skills to solve real-world problems.

    Relationships - We build strong relationships with the students, teachers, staff, and community members to ensure high-level learning.

     If you would like more information, please contact the school at 717-561-1655 


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  • Parents/Guardians,

    The new school year is underway!

    We are excited for a new school year full of learning

    and engagement.

    Preparations are being made for many fun opportunities

    and activities to benefit the school community. 




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  • Just a reminder parents, school family events are for parents to accompany their children. Sharing the events is a rewarding experience. There are other advantages as well
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  • To view your child's grades (Grades 3-5), attendance and contact information
    Click on the link below:
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Chambers Hill
Elementary School 
Carol Lopez, Principal
6450 Chambers Hill Road
Harrisburg, PA 17111
Phone: 717-561-1655
Fax: 717-561-4977
Home of the Cougars    
Chambers Hill Elementary School Mission Statement
The mission of Chambers Hill Elelmentary School is to develop lifelong learners striving to attain individual potential within a risk-free, respectful environment that accepts individual differences and encourages positive interaction between home and school.
Central Dauphin School District Mission Statement
Central Dauphin, a uniquely diverse school district, ensures all students a challenging and dynamic curriculum that prepares them to succeed in a changing, global society by inspiring lifelong learning in a caring, collaborative community.

Chambers Hill Elementary is a school-wide

Title I building.

What does that mean?

Title I is a 100% federally funded supplemental education program that provides financial assistance to local educational agencies to improve educational opportunities for educationally deprived children. Title I programs are designed to help children meet the state content and performance standards in reading, language arts, and mathematics. In buildings with 40% or more poverty, the funds can be used to upgrade the entire curriculum of the school and are School-wide Programs. The purpose of a School-wide Program is to improve the academic achievement of all students.