• For Immediate Response at the Dispatch Offices:

    If your child’s bus number begins with a B and you have dispatch questions, please contact:
    Boyo Transportation Services at (717)564-3001 or (717)564-3005 to speak with a dispatcher.

    For all other bus numbers, contact the dispatch office at:
    Durham School Services at (717)541-0680 Ext. 243 or 245.             

    Central Dauphin Transportation and Routing Offices
    (717)545-4703 Ext 518   Fax: (717)214-1887

    To make changes to your student’s transportation, please contact your student’s school.

    For a copy of the District's Student Code of Conduct Click HERE. 


    Regular Transportation

    The Central Dauphin School District shall provide transportation for students as determined by the School Board. The building assignment of all pupils in grades kindergarten through twelve shall be according to the legal residence or the parent of legal guardian and transportation shall be provided accordingly. If the legal residence is located within a designated walking area, transportation will not be provided, unless the pupil attends a latchkey program recognized by the school district and whose facilities are located in the area that qualifies for transportation service.

    Transportation Changes

    One change in transportation, for reason(s) other than a residence change shall be permitted in a school term providing the change is permanent, seating space is available, the new stop lies within the same building attendance area and no additional mileage is added to the bus route. The permanent change will be for transportation to and from the same location a.m. and/or p.m. Monday through Friday; provided, however, that the a.m. location need not be the same as the p.m. location.


    There will be times due to adverse weather conditions and traffic delays that school buses will not arrive at their stops at the designated time. Please inform your child to wait a reasonable amount of time for the bus to arrive.

    Bus-Riding Conduct

    Any pupils involved in an act of misconduct which is detrimental to the health or safety of other pupils, bus driver, vehicle, or person(s) outside the vehicle shall have their riding privilege suspended or removed permanently. Please refer to the Code of Student Conduct for specific penalties with respect to school bus misconduct.
    All students who ride the school bus shall, in addition to complying with all rules in the Code of Student Conduct, comply with the following rules:
    Prior to Loading
    1. Be on time at the designated school bus stop, arriving five (5) minutes before the bus is due.
    2. Wait for your bus at a safe place, well off the highway, on the side of the street on which you live. Cross the street to enter the bus, if necessary, only when the bus is stopped and the red flashing signals are on.
    3. Respect the property rights of people who reside at or near the bus stop.
    4. Do not get into private vehicles with strangers. All Central Dauphin School District vehicles are clearly marked with the designation “Central Dauphin School District.”
    5. Enter the bus in an orderly manner and take your seat. Bus drivers may assign seats.
    While on the Bus
    1. Observe regular classroom conduct except for ordinary conversation and follow your bus driver’s instructions. The bus driver has the same authority on the bus as a teacher has in the classroom.
    2. Remain in your seat at all times, except when boarding and unloading. Do not change seats at bus stops.
    3. Keep your hands, head and feet inside the bus at all times.
    4. Loud talking, laughter, and other similar conduct diverts the driver’s attention and may result in a serious accident.
    5. Do not damage or tamper with any parts of the bus. In addition to disciplinary actions from violating this rule, you or your parents will be responsible for the payment of the cost of the repair.
    6. Keep the aisle clear, except when entering or exiting.
    7. Do not throw anything in the bus or out of the bus window.
    8. Horseplay, fighting, eating and drinking are strictly forbidden, as is all other conduct prohibited by the Code of Student Conduct.
    9. Be courteous to fellow pupils and the bus driver.
    10. The following items are not permitted in any school vehicle; live animals, weapons, drugs, alcohol or tobacco, flammable liquids (gasoline, propane, fuel), fireworks, firecrackers, smoke bombs, tape recorders, radios, balls (except for team buses), water pistols, spray bottles, pea shooters, sling shots, any item too large for students to hold on their laps.
    Transportation Video Recordings
    1. Video recorders are placed on school buses to be a deterrent against acts of misconduct, thus providing a safer environment for students, drivers and the motoring public.
    2. Video tapes capturing misbehavior may be used at conferences with parents and as evidence for disciplinary action. All camera boxes will be activated by the drivers whenever students are present, regardless if a camera is in the box or not.
    After Leaving the Bus
    1. When necessary, cross the road at least (10) feet in front of the bus, but only after looking to be sure that no traffic is approaching from either direction.
    2. Help look after the safety and comfort of small children.
    3. Be alert to the danger signal from the driver.
    4. Go directly to your school building in the morning and directly home in the afternoon.

    Call (717) 545-4703, ext. 243 or 245, for bus stops, schedules or any transportation questions.


    Parking Regulations

    1. Parking areas and access roads to parking areas are for the exclusive use of Central Dauphin School District employees, authorized pupils, parents and visitors on school business. Unauthorized persons are subject to arrest for trespass violations.
    2. Parents and other visitors on school business shall park in the designated visitor’s parking area.
    3. Parking areas are school property and the smoking policy, weapons policy, controlled substance policy and all student regulations shall be strictly enforced.
    4. Pupils’ automobiles must be registered in the school office.
      1. A parking permit may be purchased by authorized pupils. 
      2. The parking permit must be displayed.
    5. Vehicles must be parked within the lined parking spaces assigned to the pupil parking area. Parking diagonal or perpendicular to the lined space is prohibited.
    6. Pupils authorized to use the school parking area shall promptly park their vehicle and immediately leave the area. Permission must be secured at the office to return to the parking area during school hours.
    7. The speed limit in the parking area is fifteen (15) miles per hour and cautious driving techniques must be observed at all times.
    8. The driver of the vehicle is responsible for the conduct of pupil passengers in the vehicle.
    9. School buses have priority at dismissal time. Drivers may not break into the line as buses depart.

    Disregarding these regulations may result in suspension of driving privileges and/or arrest.