• For Immediate Response at the Dispatch Offices:

    If your child’s bus number begins with a B and you have dispatch questions, please contact:
    Boyo Transportation Services at (717)564-3001 or (717)564-3005 to speak with a dispatcher.

    For all other bus numbers, contact the dispatch office at:
    Durham School Services at (717)541-0680 Ext. 243 or 245.             

    Central Dauphin Transportation and Routing Offices
    (717)545-4703 Ext 518   Fax: (717)214-1887

    To make changes to your student’s transportation, please contact your student’s school.

    For a copy of the District's Student Code of Conduct Click HERE. 


    Up to the Minute Transportation Information
    General Information 

    Please remember that vehicles may run behind on any day when weather conditions are adverse.  Traffic will move more slowly and the drivers are to adapt their driving to the conditions.

    We insist that the drivers arrive at their first stop on time, but all timing is subject to conditions after the first stop.

    We thank you in advance for your understanding.